Onpassive Backoffice Update Transforming Opportunities for Founders




Good Morning Founders! As a fellow founder, I am excited to share the latest updates on the Onpassive Backoffice and the incredible opportunities it presents. Recently, during a live session with Ash Mufareh, Robline showcased some groundbreaking advancements that have set the stage for an even brighter future. One of the notable additions is O-Booking, an extraordinary platform that goes beyond the realms of traditional hotel and travel reservations. Today, we'll explore the diverse features and immense potential of the Onpassive Backoffice.


O-Booking: A Versatile Solution:

O-Booking has surpassed our expectations and emerged as a versatile platform. It offers far more than just hotel and travel bookings. With O-Booking, you can reserve flights and schedule appointments for business purposes, making it a comprehensive solution for all your travel and professional needs. This expansion showcases Onpassive's commitment to providing innovative and user-centric products.


O-Lux: A Taste of Luxury:

Prepare to indulge in luxury with O-Lux, an upcoming addition to the O-Booking platform. O-Lux promises to redefine your booking experience by offering exclusive and opulent services. Whether it's lavish accommodations or extraordinary experiences, O-Lux ensures that luxury becomes an integral part of your journey.


AI-Based Products: A Transformative Approach:

At Onpassive, all products are developed with a foundation in artificial intelligence (AI). This forward-thinking approach empowers every product within the ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge solutions. From marketing tools to communication platforms, Onpassive's AI-based products cover a wide spectrum of business requirements, enabling founders to stay ahead in the digital era.


Exceeding Expectations: 100+ Products and Counting:

What started as an ambitious goal to develop 50 products has now surpassed all expectations. Onpassive has crossed the milestone of 100 products, reflecting the remarkable growth and potential within the organization. This expansion brings unprecedented opportunities for Onpassive founders to explore and leverage multiple avenues for success.


Dealership Opportunities with Esteemed Brands:

Onpassive doesn't stop at providing a vast array of products. It also offers lucrative dealership opportunities with renowned brands such as Britannia, Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, and more. These partnerships enable founders to expand their reach and capitalize on trusted brand affiliations. Dealerships are available at various levels, including state, district, or even mini-county levels, with the final decision resting in the hands of Ash Mufareh himself. This strategic approach opens up new horizons for growth and collaboration within the Onpassive community.


Different Levels of Status: The Power of Hard Work:

Onpassive acknowledges and rewards hardworking individuals with increased responsibilities and leadership roles. By actively assisting others in joining Onpassive, founders can unlock new levels of leadership. The level of recognition you achieve depends on the number of people you have helped to join the Onpassive movement. This system fosters a supportive community and incentivizes teamwork among founders.


Ash Mufareh's Vision: A Path to Success:

Ash Mufareh, the driving force behind Onpassive, instills confidence and inspires us with his unwavering belief in success. He assures all founders and users that victory is inevitable within the Onpassive ecosystem. Ash Mufareh's vision and dedication will undoubtedly change lives and lead us towards a brighter future.


O-Verify: Enhanced Security and Convenience:

The upcoming O-Verify feature is set to revolutionize KYC verification. With 99% completion, O-Verify is a secure application that verifies your KYC within one minute. Onpassive's commitment to developing its own products ensures that we are not reliant on external solutions. This self-sufficiency strengthens our position and offers enormous opportunities for growth and success within the Onpassive community.


OMail: The Future of Communication:

Currently, during registration, we use Gmail. However, Onpassive is actively working to solve email-related issues with the introduction of OMail. OMail is an upcoming communication platform that will seamlessly connect users within the Onpassive ecosystem. It guarantees unlimited data storage capacity and prioritizes the privacy and security of your information.



As a passionate founder, I believe in the immense potential of Onpassive and its Backoffice. The recent updates, including the versatile O-Booking, the expansion into AI-based products, dealership opportunities with renowned brands, and the upcoming features of O-Verify and OMail, present unprecedented opportunities for growth and success. If you haven't registered with Onpassive yet, I urge you to do so, not just for yourself but also for the betterment of your family's future. Together, let's embrace the Onpassive journey and witness the transformative power it holds.

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